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MET-CHOL contains natural choline, biotin and methionine, which are important in VLDL synthesis and triglycerides transport outside the liver to prevent ketosis.

Choline protects liver form fattening by promoting removal of excess fat outside the liver. The choline takes part in phospholipids and acetylcholine composition and affect the proper functioning of the nervous system. MET-CHOL provides the methyl groups necessary for the production of the protein and increases its content in the milk.

Biotin contained in the product improves general health, appearance of hooves and is important in the prevention of mastitis and supplement biotin deficiency in the body due to eg. the increased milk production.


Additional Information


• High milk production
• Decreased protein level in milk
• Reproductive disorders
• The risk of ketosis
• Fatty liver prevention
• Incorrect usage of protein from diet
• Increased usage of methionine, choline and biotin


• Improves milk parameters: increases protein content in milk, decreases urea level in milk, decreases somatic cell count
• Improves fat metabolism and protects the liver
• Improves amino acid balance
• Improves the horn tissue (hooves health) in high performing cows
• Stabilizes and protects intensive production



*period before calving (2-3 weeks), first 100 days of lactations (4 weeks after calving)


25 kg bag


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