Multiherbal, liquid formula made from herbal extracts, which increase absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphor.


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Special combination of herbal extracts improve absorption, utilization and transmission of calcium (Ca) and phosphor (P) to skeleton and egg shells in birds. In problematic situation, especially in older chickens and in peak of laying the product replenish calcium and phosphor deficiency caused by poorly absorption, what has influence on quality of eggs and protect producer from economic losses.

Bical improves strength and hardness of eggshell, which result in decreasing quantity of cracked eggshells. The product reduces quantity of egg’s pores which can cause getting pathogens into the egg and deterioration quality of chick.

Using Bical you can reduce losses in hatching and improve quality of chicks. The product is an efficient stimulant of skeleton development in young birds. It can be successfully used in hen’s breeding  and broiler’s fattening.

The product has a positive effect on quality of meat. It improves production’s parameters and reduces fatigue hens in cages.

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• big quantity of broken eggshells
• the poor quality of eggshells
• the poor state of skeleton
• calcium and phosphor deficiency


• improves quality of eggshells ( especially during and after peak of laying)
• decrease quantity of cracked eggshells
• improves parameters of hatching
• promote growth of chickens, broilers and laying hens
• has positive effect on skeleton
• replenish calcium and phosphor deficiency


• Starter – 5 ml / 100 birds
• Grower – 10 ml / 100 birds
• Finiszer (Laying hens) – 15 ml / 100 birds


use the product in early morning hours- remember to convert dose to consumption in this period.
Shake before administration.


• bottle 5L