Exa – par

Complementary feed.

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  • Exa-par is a unique product which combine herbal extracts to regenerate placenta after birth and to keep good reproductive performance.

Additional information


• disorder after birth
• poor reproductive performance
• disorder with placenta expulsion
• bad function of the reproductive system


• restore normal functioning of reproductive system and keep placenta health
• has a positive effect on reproductive performance
• may be use after birth to help in proper cleansing and involution of uterus. Helps expulsion of retrained placenta
• helps in timely and proper involution of uterus and post-partum oestrus induction
• prevent losses caused by disorders after


Prophylactic dose:
• pigs: 20 ml
Interventional dose:
• pigs: 40 ml


• can be use in Metritis and MMA syndrome in combine therapy
• before use mix the product with water or feed


• 80 g x 16 bottles = cardboard