Keto – Liv liquid

Complementary feedingstuff

Product Description

  • Composition: Vitamin PP (niacin) and vitamin B2, 1,2 propylene glycol, sorbite, flavoring agents, mixture of special herbal extracts.
  • Product recommended for dairy cows for the period they are susceptible to ketosis. It contains high levels of energy, vitamins and herbal extracts.

Additional Information


• Ketosis, hypoglycemia and leanness
• Energy deficiency
• Lack of appetite
• Excessive fat mobilisation
• Feed poisoning


• has glucogenic action
• helps in therapy of liver disease such as hepatitis, jaundice, liver fluke, etc.
• stimulates liver owing to herbal extracts and vitamin content
• strengthens liver during debility, anorexia and convalescence
• complements energy deficiency
• increases appetite


Per os 250- 500 g / cow per day within 2-3 days or according to the recommendation of the consultant.


• Bottle – 1 kg of the liquid