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Who are we?

Ayurfarm sp. z o.o. is a Polish company operating on the European feed market, specialising in natural and safe animal feeding programmes.

The company’s offer includes herbal and professional feeding programmes for many species of breeding animals.

Ayurfarm products, based on the latest technology in conjunction with the Polish and Indian experience, are professional nutrition programmes for breeding animals.

We efficiently solve animal health problems

Our products prevent and neutralise effects of a variety of disease risk factors in a natural way. Eliminate many problems, such as:


Reduced resistance

Low growth

Relevant facts

Cooperation with Polish and Indian research and development centres is the synergy of the latest achievements in the field of nutritional programmes for breeding animals, but also an essential added value for the company’s customers.

GMP+ means, in particular, a security and guarantee that Ayurfarm follows good practices and distributes only the highest quality feed additives complying with the highest quality criteria.

Each product development is an individual, multi stage process, therefore R&D is our priority.

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